Tesla`s legal vice president, Jonathan Chang, reportedly testified Wednesday at a National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) hearing that the automaker`s general counsel had ordered him to write a new confidentiality agreement for employees to «make them renew their vows.» If you`re unsure of what unacceptable behavior, illegal disclosure or intellectual property theft is, here are some recent examples to illustrate inappropriate behavior and possible consequences: Tesla has designed new privacy agreements after the contents of CEO Elon Musk`s internal emails were picked up in Bloomberg and CNN articles in 2016 Bloomberg reports. The Daily Kanban also found at least three Tesla owners who were required to sign NDAs containing the language that promised they «are not helped to bring a lawsuit against Tesla or legal action against Tesla» in connection with a particular incident. An owner`s NOA even contained a $150,000 fine, which put a high premium on the value of the secrecy. Many of the recent revelations about allegations of sexual misconduct by business leaders and prominent celebrities are at the heart of the A.N.A. These agreements would have been used to deter people who claim that you have experienced or experienced abuse from speaking out about it. Tesla has received reprimands from the federal government because owners have been forced to sign confidentiality agreements prohibiting reporting possible malfunctions. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, which issued the warning, also launched a Tesla audit because of a suspension issue in the electric car company`s Model S. The issue of both confidentiality agreements and suspension issues arose after a customer posted the text of a letter sent by Tesla to offer 50 percent payment of a $3,000 repair bill if he or she agreed to sign an agreement promising not to disclose the problem. At a June U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) hearing on combating sexual harassment in the workplace, participants debated whether THE ANN and mandatory arbitration clauses promote sexual misconduct by essentially hiding it.