In the absence of an agreement, you must send a written declaration of dismissal to the workers concerned, while proposing a job offer on revised terms. It mentions the potentially equitable reason for dismissal (probably «another substantial reason»), the date of termination of the employment relationship and the indication that the new conditions will come into effect after the expiry of the notice period, provided the worker accepts the offer of reinstatement on a specified date. The professionals are not employees, so you cannot sign an employment contract with them unless you intend to hire them. Instead, you can use an independent contract contract. Advice is important and at an early stage you need to arrange a meeting with the staff involved and explain the nature of the change, the business reasons and the timing. They should submit to the review of the revised terms of employment. Always confirm the interviews in writing. Workers should have the opportunity to discuss issues or concerns about the proposed amendment and to propose alternatives. We must try to find a compromise.

They should then respond to staff representations and hold further meetings if necessary. Do you plan to recruit staff on a contractual basis? Don`t worry, even if it`s a full-time or part-time job, a long-term relationship or a contract, HROne is here for you! Use HROne`s human resources management software and forget about recruitment, boarding and membership concerns. Leading online resources, integrated and specialized in labour law are immediately at your disposal – by a personal team of lawyers who provide business and practical advice! However, if the contract does not authorize the amendments and an employer imposes contractual changes on a worker without their consent, it is likely an offence. If the offence is serious enough and the worker has two or more years of service (subject to exemptions in the absence of a minimum duty of service), then the worker can resign and argue in an employment tribunal that he has been constructively rejected in an unjustified constructive manner. For most people, it is difficult to distinguish between employment contracts and service contracts. As a result, they sometimes suffer heavy losses in their labour relations and, in the worst case, may even lose their jobs. If an employee is not willing to accept the proposed amendment, you can offer an incentive such as a salary increase, a one-time bonus or an increase in the right to annual leave to reach an agreement. Otherwise, you may need to negotiate by changing your proposal to an acceptable proposition for the employee. In the event of a worker`s violation at work, the employer must, in an employment contract, compensate the worker with the amount provided by THE CPP legislation.