Now that you know what a Bill of Sale cat/kitten is, you may finally be ready to sell your cat or kitten. Follow our guide below if you need a checklist of everything you need to do to sell your cat: Before signing this agreement, please read carefully the «Buyer`s Commitments» and that you are satisfied with each point. You should not buy this chat or sign this agreement unless you intend to be bound by its terms. Dam: Choose a safe place and bring the cat to see if it gets away with the buyer. They will want to know if they are okay. Discuss the price and learn about the health of kittens. Did she have any vaccines? Was he neutered or neutered and how old is the kitten? Most kittens can be sold between 8 and 12 weeks, depending on whether they still drink breast milk. Once the price is agreed, you can continue to fill out your sales bill. The cat/chaton sales bill is used for the purchase of a cat or kitten and is considered a receipt attesting to the purchase of an individual or breeder. The form is usually available at the time of presentation of funds to the seller for the purchase of the animal. Once the animal has been purchased, the former owner is no longer responsible for the additional costs. This document requires the witness of a state-approved notary. Chinnorleigh Kitten Sales Contract – 2011 (example).

All new Owners of Chinnorleigh/Cat Kittens are invited to sign a Pet Sales Agreement before purchasing their new cat/cat – only once they have read carefully, have understood and agree to be bound by its terms and conditions. Many family tree breeders have similar sales contracts (some are adapted to fit a certain breed) – these agreements are in effect to protect the breeder/seller, the buyer – especially the health, happiness and future well-being of the pet, which ultimately helps protect the future of the breed. The Chinnorleigh Kitten sales contract is accompanied by a Kitten Care Sheet detailing how your cat/cat was raised and how you can continue to care for your new cat or cat. Since all Chinnorleigh kittens are neutered before they leave the house, I don`t need a Neutering Agreement. The pink «GCCF Registration Slip» will be given to the new owner on the day of the pickup of his new cat/cat. If I did not receive the `Registration Slip` before the kitten leaves (as can sometimes happen), I can make the blue GCCF transfer form available to the new owner or pass the `registration slip` to the new owner as soon as I have received it from the CCGF office.